Alisa’s Inspiration for “Going Upside Down”

When we asked Alisa Wyatt what inspired her to do a workshop on “Going Upside Down,” (offered in-studio and online in March!) she came to us with a quote from—who else?—Joe Pilates.

Some background: This quote is taken from an excerpt in Dance Magazine by Sharry Underwood—who went on to publish a memoire of dance during the ’40s.

“At Jacob’s Pillow University of the Dance, my first class was called Pilates. Pilates? Anxious, I went to the studio early and found a man standing on his head. ‘Gut morgen!’ he called from the corner of the studio. He bounced down from his headstand and strolled over to me. Strength, solid strength, dwelled in this short, rugged but nimble man. ‘No no! You stay. Always start da day on da head. I am Joseph Pilates. You are new girl.'” (Italics added.)

Alisa says: “When I read that fabulous quote, I thought of all the ways that Pilates turns your world upside down, and how I always elated at the aspect. It’s hard to have a bad day after you’ve been upside down and it’s pretty easy to turn a bad day around that way too.

“For a lot of people, the idea of being totally upside down (in a Handstand for example) is a bit scary. But the neat thing about Pilates is that everyone goes upside down, even from the very beginning. Inversions in Pilates range from extremely gentle ones that your Grandma can do, all the way to crazy-challenging ones that make you feel like a monkey. Join me and learn how to turn a frown upside down!”


Sunday March 22

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The video above shows Joe Pilates at Jacob’s Pillow University of Dance.