Vintage Pilates

Gloria Gasperi was in the 2012 Class of THE WORK, and has been a fixture in the Vintage Pilates community ever since. She has organized workshops and conventions in Italy (where she is based), and has come back to L.A. to take part in Teaching the Work, and other events. We were thrilled to pick her brain about how THE WORK effected her business and Pilates practice. Here is a little essay from Gloria about her experience: I started doing Pilates in 1999. In 2012, I started THE WORK with Vintage Pilates. In the 13 years in between, I… Read More

We are delighted to present our Q & A with Sam Walley. Sam was part of the very first Class of THE WORK, back in 2012, and she continues her studies at Vintage with regular lessons. Sam is a fixture in the South Bay Pilates community, where she runs her own studio and teacher training program (Vital Balance Pilates). Describe what Pilates has done for you in one sentence: Pilates has done so much for me, it is hard to summarize in a single sentence: my Pilates practice has restored and created health both for my body… Read More

We are so proud of all the graduates of The Work. And, we want to continue to nurture this community of teachers, even after you’ve left the program. We are making a concerted effort to create events that keep us all connected. This year, we have added a “special menu” of programs just for graduates, to go along with our Seasonal Camp program. As graduates, you get an automatic 10% discount on all Camp workshops when you buy them a la carte. And, all the workshops are also offered as live, online streams. So, you can attend from the… Read More