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We are delighted to share this interview with Joel Crosby, a graduate of THE WORK. Joel was a corporate artist before he transitioned into Pilates. For over a decade, he has grown his business in Duluth, Georgia, while simultaneously growing and supporting a family of 6! His studio, Vitality Method, is a family affair — his wife Ruby runs the administration and scheduling, and his oldest daughter is an instructor. Joel is an artist and a Pilates instructor. But he also has a way with words, as you will see below. He says “I love art and fitness. I… Read More

Gloria Gasperi was in the 2012 Class of THE WORK, and has been a fixture in the Vintage Pilates community ever since. She has organized workshops and conventions in Italy (where she is based), and has come back to L.A. to take part in Teaching the Work, and other events. We were thrilled to pick her brain about how THE WORK effected her business and Pilates practice. Here is a little essay from Gloria about her experience: I started doing Pilates in 1999. In 2012, I started THE WORK with Vintage Pilates. In the 13 years in between, I… Read More

With Assessments for the 2018 Class of THE WORK due in just a few months (November 4!), we thought this would be a good time to revisit a little essay written last year by a graduate of THE WORK. Noam Gagnon is owner of Beyond Pilates in Vancouver, and founder, Artistic Director and choreographer of the critically acclaimed Holy Body Tattoo dance company. He wrote about how his experience at Pilates Camp helped him prepare for THE WORK, and get a solid introduction of the Vintage Pilates philosophy. Enjoy Noam’s take on Pilates Camp and THE WORK below! Jay… Read More

We are pleased to present this interview with Ken Heizman — a longtime client of Jay Grimes, and a graduate of both THE WORK and TEACHING THE WORK. A disciplined, independent “man of the earth,” Ken is the owner of The Original Method Pilates studio in Agoura Hills. Enjoy Ken’s take on Pilates, and get a glimpse into what inspires his own practice and teaching. Describe what Pilates has done for you in one sentence: Pilates has helped me in all aspects of my life. How did THE WORK change your teaching and your practice? THE WORK was a rewarding… Read More

We are delighted to present our Q & A with Sam Walley. Sam was part of the very first Class of THE WORK, back in 2012, and she continues her studies at Vintage with regular lessons. Sam is a fixture in the South Bay Pilates community, where she runs her own studio and teacher training program (Vital Balance Pilates). Describe what Pilates has done for you in one sentence: Pilates has done so much for me, it is hard to summarize in a single sentence: my Pilates practice has restored and created health both for my body… Read More

Many of you may already know of Luiza Galvao. She has made many pilgrimages to the Vintage Pilates studio from her home in Brazil, and it has been our pleasure to watch her grow and mature over the years. Luiza went through Jay Grimes’ Masters Program, The Work in 2013, after which she opened her own private Pilates studio back in her hometown of Rio de Janeiro. She’s now getting ready for her next adventure: she’s uprooting her life and moving to New Zealand, where she’ll continue to study and teach Pilates Read our other Graduate Features here. Describe… Read More

Kara Wily was in our inaugural year of “The Work”, back in 2012. A Pilates instructor since 1993, Kara’s also had a robust career as a dancer (she studied at Alvin Ailey, and performed in Cabaret). These days, on top of teaching private and semi-private lessons and offering a Teacher Training program, Kara is an avid rock climber. We were delighted to ask Kara our 5 Questions for “The Work” Graduates, and couldn’t wait to find out what she’d ask Joe and Clara! To find out more about Kara, go to her website: DO YOU REMEMBER WHEN AND… Read More

Don’t be fooled by Amy’s self-deprecating humor. She’s one tough cookie! A graduate of THE WORK and the highly-selective TEACHING THE WORK Master’s Programs, Amy runs Everybody Pilates, a successful Pilates studio in the UK, and is the founder of the Classical Pilates Convention. Here, she talks about how Pilates creeped up on her — and what she’d love to ask Joe and Clara Pilates! WHEN DID YOU DECIDE TO COMMIT TO A PILATES PRACTICE? I first tried Pilates in 2002. I was always active in hockey and lacrosse throughout school and university but it never occurred… Read More

We have extended the deadline for the entrance assessment to November 11! (Previously, it was November 7). There are four requirements to be considered for entrance into the Vintage Pilates Master’s Program: THE WORK. You must be a certified Pilates instructor (with a certificate of completion from a comprehensive program) You must have at least two years of Pilates teaching experience You must have completed the application for THE WORK (download the application packet here) And, you must pass the entrance assessment. What is the entrance assessment? It is an assessment of your mastery of the Reformer.… Read More