Vintage Pilates

For almost a decade, we have filmed workshops taught both at our Los Angeles Pilates studio and at studios around the world. With the goal of sharing Jay’s teachings with as many people as possible, we are happy to now present our past workshops in easily digestible, 30 – 45 minute video highlights. The videos will be available at scheduled times throughout the year, and we will offer them on our new Online Workshops site here >> Our very first presentation is up for purchase today and will be available for viewing for a full week! Monday, January 8, 2018,… Read More

Many people requested that our online workshops be available to people, even if they can’t make it to the live event. Now, we can finally make this happen! Webshops will now stream for 24 hours from when they go live! If you want to watch the webshops live, you can still do that, and take advantage of the live chat feature. We will roll out this NEW & IMPROVED Webshop format for two workshops during Spring Camp. Webshops on Saturday, April 29 (all workshops on Dubai time — video streams available for 24 hrs) Improve Your Relationship With Your Equipment… Read More

A Weekend with Jay Saturday, February 18 ~ Sunday, February 19 Don’t miss this opportunity to immerse yourself in the teachings of Jay Grimes. For one weekend, get hands-on, personal attention in a special 2 hour studio class, and take workshops on rare topics. Workshops Joe’s Accessories Saturday, February 18, 2:30pm – 4:30pm Book Workshop In-Studio ($200) Book Workshop Live Stream ($200) Joseph Pilates invented accessories to address the needs of his clients. Jay Grimes will present not-so-frequently used apparatus like the Foot Corrector, Toe Exerciser, Breath-a-cizer, Sandbag, Magic Circle, 2 x 4, and Neck Stretcher. He will show you… Read More

Here’s some more information on Sandy’s Spring Camp workshop: “Independence Vs. Dependence Part II” (offered Saturday, April 30 at 1pm-4pm, cost: $195). This workshop stands alone, and you don’t need to have taken “Part I” to get all that you can out of this presentation. BUT, if you missed “Part I”, and want to cover what you missed, you can get up to speed with the following exercise: Making the switch from having your clients dependent upon you, to having them being comfortable moving well without you, begins with YOU. In Part I of my workshop “Independence vs. Dependence” we… Read More

To celebrate Vintage Pilates’ 5th birthday, we’ve put together a program of mini workshops and VP classes. Graduates of our Master’s Programs will be visiting from all over the world, and the festivities will start on October 30 through Halloween Day (October 31). Come celebrate with us, and deepen your Pilates knowledge with these unique workshop offerings! Friday October 30 Saturday October 31 Friday, October 30: Birthday Day! 10am – 11am Birthday VP Group Class taught by Barbara Stamis cost: $45 (full price: $50) Book This Class 12:30pm – 1:30pm Birthday VP Group Class taught by Dena Drotar cost: $50… Read More

Written by Debbie Young. Of all the apparatus in the Pilates method, the chairs can be the most effective and/or intimidating. People tend to love them, or have an aversion to them. But however you feel about them, they can do the job quite handily! What can take weeks to find in a mat exercise, a person can feel it immediately on the High Chair or the Wunda. With its unique dimensions and varied spring strengths, finding the proper placement of a body can leave little margin for error. Arm or “Baby” Chair Below are 6 benefits unique to… Read More

The Wunda Chair, High Chair, and Arm Chair are integral, but often overlooked, parts of teaching the Pilates method. Come explore and get comfortable feeling the exercises in your own body, and gain the confidence to teach them to your clients. We’ll examine both common and obscure exercises, and discuss when and why you would give them to your clients. Get ready to wow them with the “new” material in your repertoire. Debbie Young admits that she is “hopelessly in love for LIFE” with Pilates. She came to the method as a young mother of two who suffered from frequent… Read More

VISUAL TEACHING SUNDAY, APRIL 26, 10am-1pm in-studio: $195 online live stream: $235 THIS WORKSHOP IS PART OF SPRING CAMP Karen will use her background in Fine Art to teach how to use principles of perspective to better “see” your clients. Joe Pilates’ original apparatus are time-tested, brilliant pieces of technology. Karen will show you how to train your eye like a visual artist, to work with the construction of the Reformer, Cadillac, and other equipment, to detect imbalances, weaknesses, and hone in on the right corrections. A well trained eye can pick out imbalances,asymmetries and help your clients develop a… Read More

HOW TO TEACH WITH YOUR HANDS SATURDAY April 25, 1-4pm in-studio: $195 online live stream: $235 THIS WORKSHOP IS PART OF SPRING CAMP Using your hands to teach is essential. Joe and Clara used pushes and pulls to help take their clients further in to their two-way-stretch, or to get them to feel something new in their bodies. With the guidance of your hands, you will help your clients to receive the maximum benefits that Pilates has to offer. breath… The information and guidance that we give our clients when we use our hands is often more potent than the… Read More

ALISA WYATT’S WORKSHOP: GOING UPSIDE DOWN Sunday March 22 10am-1pm COME TO THIS WORKSHOP AND DISCOVER INVERSIONS EVEN YOUR GRANDMA CAN DO. Joe Pilates built inversions into his method at every level from foundational exercises to gymnastic feats, and everyone can reap the immense benefits. Find out how to build your own inversion practice from the most basic moves (that you’re probably already doing), how to teach inversions to others, and why going upside down is so revitalizing and key to a complete Pilates practice. Offered in-studio, and via live, online streaming! RSVP below:  … Read More

When we asked Alisa Wyatt what inspired her to do a workshop on “Going Upside Down,” (offered in-studio and online in March!) she came to us with a quote from—who else?—Joe Pilates. Some background: This quote is taken from an excerpt in Dance Magazine by Sharry Underwood—who went on to publish a memoire of dance during the ’40s. “At Jacob’s Pillow University of the Dance, my first class was called Pilates. Pilates? Anxious, I went to the studio early and found a man standing on his head. ‘Gut morgen!’ he called from the corner of the studio. He… Read More

You are already swimming your laps, biking, and running your miles. So, what do you need Pilates for? You need it to connect to the water you swim in, the ground you run on, and the bike you ride on. Ken Krech will show you how to use Pilates for cross training. This workshop is for swimmers, cyclists and runners, regardless of prior Pilates experience, as well as Pilates teachers interested in working with swimmers, cyclists and runners. This 3 hour workshop will take place Sunday, October 26, 10am-1pm Attend in person at our West L.A. studio! REGISTER $145 Watch… Read More

Did you miss our SUMMER CAMP and don’t want to wait until next year to explore the Vintage Pilates philosophy with a group of fun, passionate practitioners from all over the world? For the first time ever, we’re hosting a BACK TO SCHOOL workshop program! If you’re interested in applying to THE WORK, this program is a great way to become familiar with our studio, and get to know Jay Grimes’ teaching methods. You can take the program three different ways: Just take the workshops; get a discount package and design your own immersive program of study; or access… Read More

Let’s say you want to take the Summer Independent Study workshops online. Let’s say you’re looking for a discount. And—let’s say you want to watch the workshops with a bunch of your friends. We’ve got you covered! Now, due to popular demand, we are offering special Group Rates for the online summer workshops. There’s no limit to how many people can join you. Make it a Summer Pilates Party at your studio! Karen & Sandy’s Online Workshop: “The Fundamentals of Vintage Pilates” Saturday July 19, 2-6pm Group Rate: $1,000 (single rate: $235) Buy Group Rate Jay Grimes’ Master Class on… Read More