Client Feature: Deborah Stone

This month, Deborah Stone was gracious enough to answer our “Client Feature” questionnaire. Deborah is a fixture at the studio, coming in several times a week for VP classes. We have become so used to her sunny and disciplined presence, that it was a surprise to remember that she has been a client for just over 1 year!

We have loved to watch Deborah’s evolution. She embodies one of the philosophies that Jay Grimes espouses: simply show up consistently, put in the work, and without overthinking things, or being dramatic, profound transformations will occur.

How did you discover pilates?

I have been taking Pilates classes on and off for the last 15 years but never found a program or studio that felt like a fit. When I moved to Los Angeles in 2016 I found Vintage Pilates. I started off with several private lessons a week and gradually added in VP classes. The Vintage Pilates philosophy of beginning as a student and working towards becoming a self-directed learner with instructor support has been very effective for me.

How does Pilates affect your life?

I enjoy the absolute mental focus required to learn the flow and execution of exercises, similar to practicing free throws in basketball or putting in golf. It takes the mind off of everything else. I admire the attention UCLA Basketball Coach John Wooden paid to preparation and details. To borrow from him, before each class I prepare by reminding myself to “make each day your masterpiece”, “be quick-but don’t hurry”, and “big things are accomplished only through the perfection of minor details.” After approximately 350 hours at Vintage Pilates, I am just now beginning to understand some of those “minor details” that I hope will someday result in a perfect teaser!

What is your favorite exercise?

All of the exercises I haven’t learned yet! As I progress, I find that the exercises I once dreaded tend to become my favorites. Perhaps because they are the reward for the work.

What keeps you coming back?

Every instructor at Vintage Pilates has an incredible depth of knowledge. I also appreciate the opportunity to observe and learn from the individual practices of my fellow clients, and the instruction they are receiving. The environment is advanced, serious and intense but at the same time collaborative and supportive.