Client Feature: Janet Kooba

We are so lucky to have Janet Kooba as a longtime client here at Vintage Pilates. We get the impression that in her daily life she is elegant, lady-like and humble — but in her Pilates practice, she is determined, focus and tough as nails. A regular client since 2011, Janet has progressed by leaps and bounds to become a powerful practitioner. And recently, she began training at Vital Balance to become a certified Pilates instructor.

Find out what inspired her to start Pilates, and what keeps her coming back!

How did you discover Pilates?
I had read articles about how Pilates builds long, lean muscles by lengthening and strengthening, as opposed to the bulkier muscles achieved by lifting weights at the gym. This appealed to me and I began taking lessons over six years ago. I was immediately intrigued by the method, and how alive I felt after each session. A few years into my practice I learned of Vintage Pilates and their authentic style of teaching; after my first lesson with Karen I knew I’d found my new home!

How does Pilates affect your life?
It’s taking over! It’s surprising how much I take what I learn in Pilates about proper alignment, correct movement, discipline and efficiency into my daily life — from how I stand, sit, drive (posture), to the way I participate in other forms of exercise (striving to use my body in a healthy way). It’s always on my mind!

What is your favorite exercise?
Balance Control Off, because it is so fun to roll up and off the Reformer! Unfortunately, I have not mastered how to get back on.

What keeps you coming back?
Pilates is a hard, sweaty, fun workout and I feel revitalized and rejuvenated after every lesson. There is always more to learn, and I am excited and determined to better my practice with the help of the many supportive instructors I’m fortunate enough to work with at Vintage. Surely one day I will do Balance Control Off (and on) with ease, drama free…