Client Feature: Joanne

We are thrilled that our longtime client Joanne agreed to answer a few questions about Pilates! By day, she is a high powered attorney. By night (she mostly comes to evening classes), she’s a Pilates powerhouse. Joanne says Pilates is essential to her wellbeing, helping her be aligned, comfortable, and joyful.
1) How did you discover Pilates?

I discovered Pilates at about the same time that I started cycling for my first AIDS Ride in 1997. I was lifting weights, too, at the time (and still do), and I needed to be more in alignment. At this point 20 years later, I can’t remember if I found out about Jay Grimes and Pilates first or Adi Herman, the body worker extraordinaire, referred me to Jay and Pilates. In any event, I have been studying Pilates (except for a 4 year hiatus) since 1997.

2) How does Pilates affect your life?

Pilates is essential to my wellbeing and life because I have a desk job (lawyer), scoliosis, and I’ve had three surgeries (complicated shoulder surgery and two hip replacements). I really need to stretch and stay in alignment as best I can. I really can’t walk or sit or even sleep well without Pilates.

3) What is your favorite exercise?

I don’t have a favorite exercise. I think it depends on how I feel on a particular day as to how well I execute any given exercise.

4) What keeps you coming back?

See my answer to 2), above. I also like the endorphin fix.