Client Feature: Kathy Checchi

Kathy is one of our most treasured clients. She is a dedicated practitioner who has, in turn, inspired just about every member of her immediate family (and her son in law!) to become Vintage clients. A mother, a grandmother, an entrepreneur, philanthropist, lawyer — she is a true renaissance woman and we love the warmth and discipline she brings to the studio.
We were delighted to hear how Pilates enriches her life.
How did you discover Pilates?

I heard about Pilates while traveling in 2000 and booked three classes when I returned to LA. Each class was completely different! Then, I found Jay. Just by chance, he had an opening that week and the rest is history.

Once I took a class from him, I knew his approach was the real thing. I’ve now had a chance to work with many of the instructors at Vintage – Karen, Sandy, Dena, and Andrea. Each one is very strong in teaching, and each one sees something slightly different in my body to correct. Lucky me!

How does Pilates affect your life?

For me, Pilates has made all the difference in the world. I have a very busy, full life – I work with my son at the company we founded, Checchi Capital Advisers, LLC; I’m active in a global Women’s Leadership Organization; and I have 6 grandchildren under 8 years-old who love to play. At one point, I moved to Virginia and didn’t have access to Pilates. I really noticed the difference in how I felt, and vowed never to quit again.

Pilates gets into my body and stays, unlike other exercise. I find I move differently now, no matter what I am doing. I can get off a plane, do a quick mat, and feel completely aligned again.

What is your favorite exercise?

The push through. It feels so good to stretch in that way and it’s even better when an instructor pushes too.

What keeps you coming back?

My body and mind need Pilates to cope with the stress of my busy life. Besides, I can hardly quit now, since I’ve gotten all my family to do Pilates on a regular basis – my husband, Al, my son, Adam, my daughter, Kate, and her husband. Jay keeps asking when I will start bringing in the next generation of Checchis – my grandchildren – which could be very interesting.