Client Feature: Wade

We are happy to share this entertaining and heartfelt Q & A we recently did with Wade Edwell. Wade hails from Australia, where he runs a Pilates Studio (Proper Pilates). We have been privileged to be part of Wade’s Pilates journey since 2016, when he came to our studio for a week of independent study.
As you’ll read in his writing, he is witty and fun — and clearly brings passion and discipline to his practice. Thanks, Wade, for this interview! We especially like what you say about learning how to work from the inside out.

How did you discover Pilates:
I began with Pilates in the early 2000s when I was working for a health club and Mat classes became all the rage. Management threw us into a crash course of basic teacher training so they could get it out to the market as quickly as possible. Those were horrible days! We didn’t know what the hell we were doing.

Later I used Pilates to assist me while I was completing my Bachelors degree in dance, however the only option available to me at the time where I was living was Contemporary Pilates. After my studies I got my first taste of true Pilates when I shifted to Europe and then when I settled back to Melbourne (Australia) I was able to access more Classical work. I haven’t looked back.

How did you come to Vintage Pilates:
It was a confluence of things. I had been training under other lineages but felt like I had deeper questions about the work that my training wasn’t really answering. Around the same time colleagues of mine had taken a session and workshops with Jay at a Conference and in discussing my conflict with them they suggested that Vintage might just provide me with what I was searching for. They were absolutely right. Vintage feels like a home away from home for me now and has really inspired me to change my entire approach to both my practice and my business.

How does Pilates affect your life:
Pilates touches every part of my life. My partner and I are studio owners and mentors, so it comes home with us everyday. It provides us with a life and one we are forever grateful for.

Personally though, Pilates has come to mean something even more. Coming from a background in dance and teaching, my entire movement experience has been rooted in making others appreciate me. It’s a totally outward-in way of growing up in your body that frankly isn’t particularly healthy. Often I would train to make something look a certain way, as if I was always working out for a mirror. Vintage Pilates has completely changed things for me. Now I am learning to move for me, to feel better for me, without the need for approval. It probably reads simple, but for me it’s an incredibly profound shift. The work at Vintage is incredibly special, and even though on the surface it’s just physical training, it’s doing wonderful things for the lives of all who encounter it – it certainly has for me!

Favorite exercise and why:
Funnily enough it’s actually Boomerang, and that’s because when I get to it it means I’ve made it through Teasers, Leg Pulls, and Side bends… and that’s something to be thankful for! I notice you also don’t ask what I can’t stand….?? The answer to that is ANYTHING on Betty!!!

My practice in 5 words:
Bringing me back to myself… I just sound like a self help book..