Debbie Young’s Workshop: Getting Comfy On Your Chairs

debbie2The Wunda Chair, High Chair, and Arm Chair are integral, but often overlooked, parts of teaching the Pilates method. Come explore and get comfortable feeling the exercises in your own body, and gain the confidence to teach them to your clients. We’ll examine both common and obscure exercises, and discuss when and why you would give them to your clients. Get ready to wow them with the “new” material in your repertoire.

Debbie Young admits that she is “hopelessly in love for LIFE” with Pilates. She came to the method as a young mother of two who suffered from frequent knee and back pain, and has practiced and studied Pilates ever since. She has a Master’s Degree in special education, is a graduate of THE WORK and current participant in Jay Grimes’ highly-selective program TEACHING THE WORK. A gifted teacher who also knows the method deeply in her body, Debbie has the capacity to work with people of all backgrounds and fitness levels.

Workshop: Getting Comfy On Your Chairs

Sunday, June 14