Homework for Sandy’s Spring Camp Workshop: Independence Vs. Dependence Part II

Here’s some more information on Sandy’s Spring Camp workshop: “Independence Vs. Dependence Part II” (offered Saturday, April 30 at 1pm-4pm, cost: $195).
This workshop stands alone, and you don’t need to have taken “Part I” to get all that you can out of this presentation. BUT, if you missed “Part I”, and want to cover what you missed, you can get up to speed with the following exercise:

Making the switch from having your clients dependent upon you, to having them being comfortable moving well without you, begins with YOU. In Part I of my workshop “Independence vs. Dependence” we worked through the process of changing your belief system so that you don’t sabotage your own efforts toward empowering your clients in their workouts. So much of what holds us back are unexplored ideas of what is best for our clients.

In Part II Sandy will impart independence on different types of students; a new student and a currently dependent student. All teachers are welcome for Part II but Sandy recommends that if you didn’t come to Part I, you do the following homework:

Sandy - Independence Vs. Dependence Workshop

Sandy teaching “Independence Vs. Dependence Part I” last Fall.

Take 2 pieces of paper. At the top of one piece, write “Independence”. At the top of the other, write “Dependence”.

Beneath the heading “Dependence”, write all the reasons that your students feel they should be dependent. Beneath the heading “Independence”, write all the reasons that Pilates is best learned and applied when students are independent.

When you look at these lists you may find that some students are holding themselves back with their reasoning or holding you back as a teacher. You may also find that your definition of Pilates needs more refinement in order to understand why Joe believed that students should be able to workout on their own.

Take time to ponder these discoveries before the workshop. There will NOT be a test but if you have questions, Sandy will take time to address your thoughts.

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