Jay Grimes: A Few Good Men

Back in 2012, Jay talked to Pilates Style Magazine about teaching men. The photos are from a workshop Jay taught that covered men’s exercises in the Pilates repertoire. Up until that time, it was the most crowded the studio had ever been!

Here’s an excerpt:

Grimes makes no apologies to women for reviving the “Men’s Exercises.” “The world was different back when Joe taught,” says Grimes, who began his studies with Pilates in the mid-’60s. “Pilates was developed by a man, for men. Joe created exercises specifically for boxers, gymnasts, any kind of athlete—nobody else exercised back then. Joe’s exercises emphasized upper-body strength. Boxers needed to take and give a punch.”

…”A terrible thing has happened to Pilates,” Grimes explains. “Many of Joe’s original exercises have been lost because they’re incredibly difficult and Pilates has been dumbed down. There was none of this, ‘Do you need a pillow?’ or ‘Do you need a break?'”

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