June Studio Visit from Carrie Shanafelt of Grasshopper Pilates

The Work graduate Carrie Shanafelt is helping us welcome the summertime, by teaching private lessons, VP group classes and Teachers Clubhouses™ during the month of June!

Carrie’s rigorous study of the Vintage Pilates philosophy is reflected in her strong technique and graceful execution of the exercises. We’re excited that she will be sharing her sharp powers of observation, and discipline with our community.

Carrie opened the first Pilates studio in Boise, Idaho, and currently is owner of Grasshopper Pilates of Boise. She trained in Seattle with Dorothee Vandewalle, Lori Coleman-Brown and Lauren Stephen, and studied with Romana Kryzanowska in New York. She earned her certification with the Pilates Guild in 1999, and graduated from Jay Grimes’ continuing education program The Work in 2015. In addition to running her private Pilates business, Carrie stays connected to her ballet roots by teaching young dancers at the Idaho Regional Ballet.

Don’t miss the chance to work with Carrie while she’s here!
Thursday, June 9 – Saturday, June 18
She will present two Teachers Clubhouses™
Topic: Take Away What You Don’t Need

Saturday, June 11
1pm – 2:30pm

In this Teachers Clubhouse we will explore the idea of how taking away unnecessary movements and tensions helps us to work more efficiently and therefore get more out of an exercise. The group will pick exercises that may serve as good examples of this approach and how stripping down an exercise to its bare bones can help us find challenge in simplicity.

Topic: “How?” – Considering Your Cues

Saturday, June 18
2:30pm – 4pm

Have you ever given a helpful hint to a client and been asked, “How?” It is easy to use cues we have all heard and said before, i.e. shoulders down, use your seat, pull in your middle, etc. This Teachers Clubhouse is about exploring the internal dialogue of  ‘how.’ This idea goes hand in hand with the idea of not talking as much while teaching, and allows us to step back and observe our clients and think about HOW we can help them be in there bodies and HOW to, for example, keep their shoulders down.


Carrie studying with Jay Grimes during The Work.