Karen’s Interview in PilatesGlossy

Karen did an in-depth interview with PilatesGlossy.com, where she talked about how she stumbled onto Pilates, what keeps her passionate and engaged with the method, who her dream client would be, and what her first lesson with Jay Grimes was like.

Here’s an excerpt:

“Even after all this time I am hungry for a deeper understanding of the work. There is so much in there. It is truly astonishing… I think continuing education is essential to all teachers in our field. I cannot tell you how many times I have been to a workshop and heard something for the fifth time or more and I was finally ready to absorb it physically or intellectually. I always come back energized and ready to see things in a new way.

I have been blessed with the ability to work with Jay through much of my career and I have organized many workshops for him in Los Angeles and to attend them all. I always come away with a new and deeper understanding.

I can’t say that I have one that inspired me most. Cynthia Lochard is an amazing teacher and I would go to anything she teaches. I was also blown away by Chris Robinson’s workshop on Push/Pull/Run/Jump.”

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