Karen’s Interview with Hummingbird Pilates

How did Karen first track down Jay Grimes – the man who would become her Pilates mentor, colleague and friend? How does she fit her workouts into a busy schedule? And what does she think is the most common misconception about Pilates? Find out in this interview conducted by Hummingbird Pilates owner Abey Scaglione.

Here’s an excerpt:

How did you become a Pilates instructor?

I had been studying Pilates for about 4 years when my studio announced its first training program. I loved the work and I was shifting out of my career as an assistant director in film and was looking for a flexible job while I pursued my masters degree.  It’s funny – what started as a job turned into a fascination and then a twenty year career.

What are a couple of your favorite Pilates exercises and why?

I have to say that there are very few Pilates exercises that don’t become favorites at one point or another.  Fencing on the Cadillac has never made the list, but there is still hope….  However, my all-time favorite exercise is the Pull Up on the Wunda Chair.  First time on the chair I could not figure out how to lift the pedal to save my life.  I couldn’t stop laughing, I have never had an instance where my body would not do what I asked it to.  Now I love it for the ability to open the back, deepen the round back and challenge the center.  Next I would have to choose the tower exercise on either the Cadillac or the Guillotine (tower).  I have a really tight lower back, and this exercise really opens it up and helps me find that deep connection to the lower body.  Finally, I would have to say the teaser on top of the Wunda Chair.  It offers such a challenge for the low stomach, back, lower body reach and an incredible opening in the chest.

What is your favorite Pilates apparatus?

If I have to have a favorite apparatus I guess it would be the Reformer.  As a teacher, it offers me so much information about the body in front of me. I can see imbalances, connection issues etc. For my workout, and the workout of my students, it offers unparalleled leverage and support which allows the body to really find the two way stretch and deepen the connection into the center.”

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