Karen’s Workshop: All About the Perfect Spring!

Springs Make or Break Your Workout

As Pilates practitioners who use GRATZ know, the quality of the equipment we use absolutely determines our capacity to execute a deep and connected workout.

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Springs in the Fall
Sunday, October 23

Enter Karen Frischmann. Karen is not only a highly skilled Pilates instructor, she is an artist, a musician, a person with a scientific mind. She set out to learn everything she could about the Pilates springs. How were they engineered? What, exactly, do they contribute to the workout? How do they interact with the equipment, and the bodies on them?

She visited spring manufacturers; she spoke to engineers; she researched and tested her findings. And finally, she has created a prototype. We have been using Karen’s springs at the Vintage Studio over the past several months, and we are excited that now, Karen will share this apparatus with all of you!

In this workshop, Karen will share her findings about the specific structure of Pilates springs, and how they support your connection to the equipment. This is information that has never been covered before. So don’t miss your chance to learn about, and test out these incredible new Pilates springs, designed by Karen. Your newfound knowledge of how springs work will improve your teaching, and your workout.