Learn How Pilates Camp Helped Noam Prepare for THE WORK!

With Assessments for the 2018 Class of THE WORK due in just a few months (November 4!), we thought this would be a good time to revisit a little essay written last year by a graduate of THE WORK.
Noam Gagnon is owner of Beyond Pilates in Vancouver, and founder, Artistic Director and choreographer of the critically acclaimed Holy Body Tattoo dance company. He wrote about how his experience at Pilates Camp helped him prepare for THE WORK, and get a solid introduction of the Vintage Pilates philosophy.
Enjoy Noam’s take on Pilates Camp and THE WORK below!
Noam at Spring Camp

Jay makes an adjustment on Noam’s body during Spring Camp 2015.

What was amazing about Spring Camp at Vintage Pilates was that no matter who you are or how long you have been doing Pilates I guarantee you, you will learn something. Another plus is that it is also a great way to meet other amazing practitioners from around the world.

The caliber of the Camps offered at Vintage Pilates is world class. I have always learned new things and sometimes it is amazing to simply realize how much you already know. It inspired my own personal practice and elevated it to a new level. I found myself incorporating what I have learned naturally and instinctively into my daily teaching of my clients.

I came to Spring Camp to prepare for The Work and to work with Jay Grimes. I wanted to learn about his approach and his views on Pilates. Jay and everyone at Vintage are amazingly generous. It’s a world like no other. I highly recommend it even if you are not planning to prepare for The Work.

The best thing was to be part of a positive sharing environment and to discover Jay Grimes, who is delightful and hilarious. He shares his many years of Pilates experience in the most effective and simplest way possible, which is also true for everyone who teaches at Vintage Pilates.

Vintage Pilates has successfully been able to create a generous learning environment where everyone’s experiences are welcome and valued.