Make it a Summer Pilates Party!

Let’s say you want to take the Summer Independent Study workshops online. Let’s say, you’re looking for a discount. And—let’s say you want to watch the workshops with a bunch of your friends. We’ve got you covered!

Now, due to popular demand, we are offering special Group Rates for the online summer workshops:

Karen & Sandy’s Online Workshop: “The Fundamentals of Vintage Pilates”
Saturday July 19, 2-6pm
Group Rate: $1,000 (single rate: $235)


Jay Grimes’ Master Class on THE REFORMER 
Sunday July 20, 10am-1pm
Group Rate: $1,700 (single rate: $360)


There’s no limit to how many people can join you. Make it a Summer Pilates Party at your studio!

Summer Independent Study—now offered in-studio AND online—is now upon us!

This year, we’ve made it easier for everyone to take part. We’ve got discount packages for both in-studio, and online students.