Read about Sandy’s Visit to Bodywork & Pilates in Maui!

We were so happy that Bodywork & Pilates–a beautiful Pilates studio in Maui owned by Arlene Taus Salomon–invited Sandy Shimoda to ring in the new year with a studio visit. Sandy was there January 2, and taught a few private lessons, and led a Teacher’s Clubhouse™.

Arlene wrote a great article on her blog about Sandy’s visit. Here’s a quote:

“Some of the main things that Sandy has taught me over the past year is that it’s okay for students to do Pilates badly at first, in fact, both teachers and students have express permission to move through an exercise and have it not look perfect. The ‘Pilates miracles’, the corrections in our bodies starts to happen when we practice over and over again.”

Read the rest of the article at the Bodywork & Pilates blog here>>

Arlene came to Vintage Pilates last year to participate in our Summer Camp program. She continues to train with Sandy through Internet Private lessons. Find out more about Arlene’s fascinating background and interests here.