New Client Specials


A Consultation is recommended for people new to Pilates, or who are returning to the practice after a long absence. In this session, your instructor will guide you through your first workout, and also discuss your history and goals.


This Special includes 4 appointments with our top notch instructors at a 25% discount. You will get 1 Consultation, and 3 Private Lessons. These will be effective in personalizing your workout, familiarizing you with Pilates principles and improving your technique.
$288.75 ($395 value)

VP Class

VP classes are group lessons, done the way Joe Pilates taught them. They are small classes (up to six people) where practitioners work on their own, individualized series of exercises, under the guidance of a Vintage Pilates instructor. Focus on flowing through your movements, gain independence and take control of your workout.

Prerequisite: At least 1 Private Lesson or Consultation required.

Get the VP Class Membership: $395/month!

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Donation VP Classes

We offer two VP Classes a week that are donation only. The money donated through these classes will go directly to supporting a cause (we’ll announce these causes on a sign by the front desk). And the classes will always be taught by graduates of THE WORK, who will be donating their time. Enjoy top notch instruction, while doing good!

Prerequisite: VP Class clearance required.

Suggested donation: $50
Payable by cash or check only

Private Lessons


You will get one-on-one attention in this 50-55 minute session. A trained Vintage Pilates instructor will address your individual needs, while guiding you through a series of exercises designed specifically for you.

Prerequisite: None

Jay VP Class

Jay VP classes are available to regular clients and teachers of all levels who have participated regularly in VP classes at Vintage Pilates. Jay is a master teacher who is in constant demand. Until now, Jay had no openings in his schedule to take on new clients.

The Jay VP group classes allow Jay an opportunity to guide more students to learn the way he was taught by Joseph Pilates. Like Joe, Jay expects his students to have a strong understanding of his teachings, and proficiency in practicing in a VP class setting.

If you are interested in Jay VP classes, please book your private lessons (new clients), or VP classes now! Clearance to take Jay VP classes are granted by Vintage Pilates teachers only.

Prerequisite: Jay VP Class clearance required.



Joe Pilates—founder of the Pilates method—dedicated his life to the study of creating a balanced, healthy body through exercise. He knew that poor alignment and muscle tension were at the root of many health problems.  At Vintage Pilates, we offer Bodywork to help you relieve tension in your body caused by injury, misalignment, and the normal stresses of life.

Bodywork can be a great complement to your workout, because it targets areas of tightness and blockage, and gives you greater freedom of movement and symmetry in daily life—as well as in your Pilates practice.

All the Bodyworkers at Vintage Pilates are also highly skilled Pilates instructors. Just as they respond to your body’s needs when it’s in motion, they understand what your muscles need when you are at rest.

Each of our Bodyworkers offers a unique combination of skills, including Thai Yoga, a range of massage techniques, Reiki, Reflexology and Osteopathy.

Please note: all appointments with Sandy must be made through the front desk.
Please contact us at / (310) 478-7200



VP Classes 1 Class

(expires in 3 months)
5 Classes

(expires in 3 months)
10 Classes

(expires in 6 months)
Jay VP Class

(expires in 3 months)
VP Member-ship

(min 3 month commitment)






Private Lessons 1 Lesson
(expires in 3 months)
5 Lessons
(expires in 3 months)
10 Lessons
(expires in 6 months)
w/ Staff Instructors $95



w/ Sandy Shimoda $110



Please note: reservations with Sandy Shimoda must be made through the front desk at or (310) 478-7200. Availability is not guaranteed.


Bodywork 50 mins 1 hr 20 mins 1 hr 50 mins