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Vintage Pilates Review – This Gem of a Studio is Perhaps LA’s Best Kept Secret
By Charlotte Pehnmore

Vintage Pilates – a traditional Pilates Studio – works for your advantage … to the core. This valuable gem of a studio, the brainchild of Sandy Shimoda & Karen Frischmann is probably LA’s best kept Pilates secret.

“Vintage” in this particular case meaning traditional. Traditional meaning inherited or handed down. So … here you will learn the pure, unpolluted, undiluted exercises as intended and directly handed down by the inventor of Pilates – Joseph Pilates.

Joseph Pilates’ genius was discovering that poor alignment and muscle tension are the root cause of many health problems. Joe trained boxers, businesspeople, firemen and opera singers to have better fitness, posture, coordination, freedom of movement and overall wellbeing. At Vintage Pilates, their mission is Joe’s mission.

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