Spring Program Exclusively for Graduates of THE WORK

We are so proud of all the graduates of The Work. And, we want to continue to nurture this community of teachers, even after you’ve left the program. We are making a concerted effort to create events that keep us all connected.

This year, we have added a “special menu” of programs just for graduates, to go along with our Seasonal Camp program.

As graduates, you get an automatic 10% discount on all Camp workshops when you buy them a la carte.

And, all the workshops are also offered as live, online streams. So, you can attend from the comfort of your home.

***Stay tuned for Graduate Only workshops in the Summer and Fall! Jay Grimes will expand on Karen’s Spring workshop in the Summer, and Sandy Shimoda will continue the thread in the Fall. Browse the offerings here (in-studio workshops) and here (live streaming workshops). For general information about Pilates Camps, go here.***

Spring Camp Schedule for Graduates

Saturday, April 30

Workshop: Independence Vs. Dependence Part II
taught by Sandy Shimoda
cost: $175.50 for graduates (regular cost: $195)
We want the best for our clients but have we set up a learning environment that holds them back? In this hands-on workshop, you will have the opportunity to observe a case study client, as they go through a lesson. You will also work with each other to put into practice, methods for instilling in your clients, self direction and independence.

Sunday, May 1

Graduates Only Workshop: Beyond The Work
taught by Karen Frischmann
cost: $90 (includes 10% discount – open to graduates only)
This workshop will be a round table discussion to address any questions and curiosities you have about how to bring what you have learned in The Work, into your daily teaching, practice and business.

RSVP – online streaming

Jay Grimes Teaches the “2-Way Stretch”
cost: $270 for graduates (regular cost: $300)
What is the elusive “2-Way Stretch”? Jay Grimes coined this term to describe what Joe Pilates asked him to achieve, in his workouts. It is the essence of every single exercise in the Pilates repertoire. This is a rare chance to learn about this concept from the man who created the expression.

RSVP – online streaming

Graduates Only Open Studio Teaching Exchange
cost: free (open to graduates only)
Limited to 8 people. Practice what you’ve learned in the weekend workshops. Pair up with a fellow graduate of The Work, and explore the concepts presented by Sandy, Karen and Jay over the course of Spring Camp. Use any piece of equipment in the studio. Play, experiment, have fun!