Teacher Feature: Barbara Stamis

Barbara Stamis is the latest addition to the Vintage Pilates team, teaching Thursday mornings (8am – 12pm), with a VP class at 10am. Barbara brings over 10 years of teaching experience, and a joyful, graceful approach to the work. A dancer, yoga practitioner and surfer, Barbara is a beautiful mover. But more importantly, she is serious about studying the original Pilates method, and its capacity to heal bodies. Find out more about Barbara below!

Why did you become a Pilates teacher?

I discovered the possibility of self-healing, when through my personal Pilates practice I was able to recover from a dance-related back injury. I knew I wanted to share this gift of self-healing with others.

What are your other passions and how do they dovetail with Pilates?

My passions revolve around the exploration of the human form and spirit. My true love outside of the studio, aside from yoga, dance, and the mysticism of tarot, is surfing. I love being in the ocean with my husband or my favorite gal friends. There is something so natural and child-like about being out in the water, which is so similar to Pilates. My mindset around surfing and Pilates is to move with freedom and ease; connected yet free, just like a child, just like the water.

What is your favorite work of art/creativity?

My favorite work of art is, of course, the human form. I also deeply respect Andy Goldsworthy’s organic creations in nature, and I treasure the anatomical ceramic heart my husband made me for Valentine’s Day.

Why are you at Vintage Pilates?

I am at Vintage Pilates for a myriad of reasons: Jay Grimes’ wisdom, Sandy and Karen’s mentorship mentorship, the unparalleled level of teaching that has led to my undeniable growth, and the richness of an amazing community. Vintage has become my second home.