Teacher Feature: Nicole Briggs

We are pleased to announce the latest member of the Vintage Pilates staff: Nicole Briggs! Nicole has been a student of Jay Grimes since before Vintage Pilates existed. She is a dancer and former dance teacher, who also coached girls’ competitive gymnastics – so she has many years experience as a movement instructor. Nicole is currently enrolled in Jay’s Master’s Program THE WORK, and owns her own Pilates studio in Studio City (Strong Body Pilates). Join us in welcoming Nicole Briggs! And check out her teaching schedule here.

Why did you become a Pilates teacher?

I wanted others to experience the amazing benefits of Pilates that I do, such as a strong center, increasing strength and stretch, to calm the mind and invigorate the body, as well as ridding the body of pain, and enhancing activities of daily living.

What are your other passions and how do they dovetail with Pilates?

Dance has been my other passion and I love that dance and Pilates are both forms of movement. The flow of the mat and Reformer sometimes feel like a dance.

What is your favorite work of art/creativity?

Although I do enjoy dance, I have gotten into film lately. I am impressed with all the talent, planning, and processes that make up a final product. When all the parts and processes work together in Pilates, you also get a great whole.

Why are you at Vintage Pilates?

I am at Vintage Pilates because it is always a learning experience, with some of the best, most encouraging teachers in the world, as well as being a wonderful community with a feel of home.