Teachers Clubhouse™ with Ken Krech: Dressing For the Part

Why did Joe insist his clients wear leotards and tight shorts? Find out in Ken’s Teachers Clubhouse™!

Teachers Clubhouse™ is back by popular demand. Come to workout with your fellow teachers, ask questions, and talk about your discoveries and epiphanies.

Teachers Clubhouses™ are 1 hour workouts, followed by 30 minute discussions, open to certified teachers. Each session will focus on a theme or topic, with a Vintage Pilates teacher leading the group.

kenFirst Up:
Ken Krech will Lead a Teachers Clubhouse™
Topic: “Dressing for the Part”
Sunday, May 22

Ken Krech introduces his topic, below:

I’ve heard stories that Joseph Pilates believed it was good for the skin to be exposed to fresh air. He ran around the block from his studio, each day, rain, snow or shine, wearing just small swimming trunks.

We’ve all seen pictures of Joe teaching in his swimsuit. He demanded that his clients do the same, so he could see exactly what was going on with their bodies. Jay Grimes says that every piece of clothing on your skin changes how you connect to your body.

If you’ve ever wondered what it was like to teach or be taught without a lot of clothes to hide behind this is your opportunity to workout in your classical Pilates attire. I will be wearing my classical Pilates attire to lead this Teachers Clubhouse, and expect everyone else to do the same. So find some Vintage swimsuits, or more modern ones or leotards, if you wish. Everyone will have the opportunity to workout, to teach, and observe.