Teacher’s Clubhouse™: Working with the Plus-Sized Client

This Saturday, Debbie Young will be leading a Teacher’s Clubhouse™ on one of her specialties: WORKING WITH THE PLUS-SIZED CLIENT

Debbie has a graduate degree in Special Education, and has completed Jay Grimes’ Master’s Program THE WORK. This, combined with extensive experience working with plus-sized clients gives Debbie rare insight and knowledge on this topic.

Come to this Teacher’s Clubhouse™ if you want to learn how to stay true to Joe Pilates’ method, while meeting the needs of each unique body—no matter what size.

Topic: Working with the Plus-Sized Client
Saturday, September 20

Teacher’s Clubhouses™ are like mini workshops (1.5 hours) where certified instructors gather to workout and discuss specific topics on the Pilates method.

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