“The Work” Graduate Feature: Luiza Galvao

Many of you may already know of Luiza Galvao. She has made many pilgrimages to the Vintage Pilates studio from her home in Brazil, and it has been our pleasure to watch her grow and mature over the years. Luiza went through Jay Grimes’ Masters Program, The Work in 2013, after which she opened her own private Pilates studio back in her hometown of Rio de Janeiro. She’s now getting ready for her next adventure: she’s uprooting her life and moving to New Zealand, where she’ll continue to study and teach Pilates
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Describe what Pilates has done for you in one sentence.

I finally found “home.”

How did The Work change your teaching and your practice?

The Work changed my personality. It was almost a spiritual change! The entire world changed, for me, inside and out. So, naturally my teaching changed as a byproduct. Before I came here to Vintage, I was a child — excitable, anxious, enthusiastic. I’m still that way. But The Work helped me be more centered, more grounded, more mature. Now, I’m less silly, and more of a woman.

What is your most memorable anecdote from The Work?

I remember Jay always saying to me, “you have a lot of samba in your hips.” He called me “little samba.”

Other than Pilates, what are your passions–and how do they mix with your Pilates teaching and practice?

I do Cross Fit, massage, I went through a calisthenic program. I love learning about, and caring for the body. People may not know this, but everything is Pilates. Some people I did Cross Fit with, they couldn’t do certain exercises. I was able to use my Pilates knowledge to teach them to make adjustments in their bodies, so they could achieve their exercises without pain. What I learned in The Work, I can apply to everything in life — not just movement!

If you could ask Joe and/or Clara Pilates one question, what would it be?

Can I follow you? I don’t mean can I shadow you. I mean, can I follow all the pieces of inspiration and interests that led to your invention of this art form that is Pilates?

Jay and Luiza

Jay and Luiza.