THE WORK Graduate Feature: Sam Walley

We are delighted to present our Q & A with Sam Walley. Sam was part of the very first Class of THE WORK, back in 2012, and she continues her studies at Vintage with regular lessons.

Sam is a fixture in the South Bay Pilates community, where she runs her own studio and teacher training program (Vital Balance Pilates).

Describe what Pilates has done for you in one sentence:
Pilates has done so much for me, it is hard to summarize in a single sentence: my Pilates practice has restored and created health both for my body and spirit, Pilates has given me my dream job, and it has provided me with a diverse community of practitioners I get to call family!

How did THE WORK change your teaching and your practice?
The teachers at Vintage Pilates and The Work taught me what it really means to “trust the work”. Pilates is corrective exercise and we must allow (ourselves and those we teach) to be bad before we try to perfect. It is in the doing and not just the understanding that the changes we desire happen! Too often we have been taught that our jobs as Pilates Teachers is to tell people how to perfect each moment of the exercises; until we have removed the most critical part, the movement from the exercise.

What was your most memorable anecdote from THE WORK?
I love Jay’s story about how children learn to swing…from swinging, not trying to swing!

Other than Pilates, what are your passions-and how do they mix into your Pilates teaching and practice?
One of my current passions is Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP). SUPing allows one to stand on water and feel the power of the ocean beneath your feet allowing the movement of the
water to pass through my body without tightening against it is a skill I would never have dreamed of without my Pilates practice!

If you could ask Joe and/or Clara Pilates one question, what would it be?
To Joe and Clara: no questions, just Thank You!