Gloria Gasperi was in the 2012 Class of THE WORK, and has been a fixture in the Vintage Pilates community ever since. She has organized workshops and conventions in Italy (where she is based), and has come back to L.A. to take part in Teaching the Work, and other events. We were thrilled to pick her brain about how THE WORK effected her business and Pilates practice. Here is a little essay from Gloria about her experience: I started doing Pilates in 1999. In 2012, I started THE WORK with Vintage Pilates. In the 13 years in between, I… Read More
We are happy to share this entertaining and heartfelt Q & A we recently did with Wade Edwell. Wade hails from Australia, where he runs a Pilates Studio (Proper Pilates). We have been privileged to be part of Wade’s Pilates journey since 2016, when he came to our studio for a week of independent study. As you’ll read in his writing, he is witty and fun — and clearly brings passion and discipline to his practice. Thanks, Wade, for this interview! We especially like what you say about learning how to work from the inside out. How did… Read More
With Assessments for the 2018 Class of THE WORK due in just a few months (November 4!), we thought this would be a good time to revisit a little essay written last year by a graduate of THE WORK. Noam Gagnon is owner of Beyond Pilates in Vancouver, and founder, Artistic Director and choreographer of the critically acclaimed Holy Body Tattoo dance company. He wrote about how his experience at Pilates Camp helped him prepare for THE WORK, and get a solid introduction of the Vintage Pilates philosophy. Enjoy Noam’s take on Pilates Camp and THE WORK below! Jay… Read More
In “Voices of Classical Pilates II: Mens Work”, Peter Fiasca has gathered writings from thirty Classical Pilates teachers in this much-anticipated sequel to “Voices of Classical Pilates.” This book features an open letter to Pilates instructors, written by our own Jay Grimes. You will also find essays from Sandy Shimoda, Graduates of THE WORK, and other great Classical teachers in “Voices II.” Topics include: Championship Football and Pilates An Olympic Athlete’s Guidance A Cardiac Surgeon’s Viewpoint Chiropractics and Contrology Men and The Powerhouse Gender Imbalance in Pilates Connecting Brain and Body International Perspectives Martial Arts and Classical Pilates Starting Pilates… Read More
This month, Deborah Stone was gracious enough to answer our “Client Feature” questionnaire. Deborah is a fixture at the studio, coming in several times a week for VP classes. We have become so used to her sunny and disciplined presence, that it was a surprise to remember that she has been a client for just over 1 year! We have loved to watch Deborah’s evolution. She embodies one of the philosophies that Jay Grimes espouses: simply show up consistently, put in the work, and without overthinking things, or being dramatic, profound transformations will occur. How did you discover pilates? I… Read More
We are thrilled that our newest teacher, Keion, agreed to answer a few questions about her life and passions. Keion is a writer, as well as a Pilates instructor, and her analytical approach to life comes through in this interview. Enjoy! Why Did You Become a Pilates Teacher? The seed was planted by a desire to take control of my own health and fitness, and of course, what better way to do that than to become a Pilates teacher?! I became immersed right away and found immense joy in being able to help others feel stronger, healthier and overall,… Read More
We are thrilled that our longtime client Joanne agreed to answer a few questions about Pilates! By day, she is a high powered attorney. By night (she mostly comes to evening classes), she’s a Pilates powerhouse. Joanne says Pilates is essential to her wellbeing, helping her be aligned, comfortable, and joyful. 1) How did you discover Pilates? I discovered Pilates at about the same time that I started cycling for my first AIDS Ride in 1997. I was lifting weights, too, at the time (and still do), and I needed to be more in alignment. At this point 20 years… Read More